Use objects to tell a story about yourself or a loved one.

A still life can make a great commission when you can use your own objects as the subject matter.  If you collect something other than paintings incorporating them into a still life can be a stunning compliment to the collection.

A still life can also act as a figureless portrait for those shy of sitting for a portrait painter.  Working with objects personal to you allows a painter to form a symbolic representation of you or your loved ones that says just as much as the expression on your face.

Read the case studies below for examples of how ceramics and butterfly collections have been used in still life commissions.

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Interior with Ceramics by Charles Hardaker RBA Still Life Ceramics Collection Commission

Still Life of a Ceramics Collection

A highly personal wedding present

Fiddler's Hill Nest by Miriam Escofet AssocRP Still Life Commissions

Still Lifes of Natural History and Inkwell Collections

Eclectic collections form the basis of Miriam Escofet's Still Lifes