Andrzej Szymczyk RSMA


My sculpture is founded in hyperrealism in human and animal forms which I then blend

with varying degrees of expressive interpretation. Careful study and deep analysis of the anatomy of every subject I sculpt enables me to recreate the subtlest tensions of musculature and movement and to articulate my vision with high levels of accuracy. This deep understanding of physical characteristics gives me the ability to manipulate and create something new, rather than simply replicate existing reality. In doing so, I strive for my sculptures have an emotional impact on the viewer, to call to mind memories or tell stories, as if each has its own spirit that emerges from within.

My current work represents my personal evolution as a sculptor. My earlier animal and fish sculptures are as relevant today as when I created them, symbolizing my reverence, fascination and dedication to protecting the natural world, while reminding us of its fragility and necessity. I now add to that by focusing on aspects of the human form. Not as static posed figures, but rather as entry points for contemplation and dialogue on social as well as political issues.


Born in Krakow, Poland. Graduated with MA degree in Fine Arts in the faculty of Sculpture from The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2012. Also studied at The Newcastle University at the department of the Fine Art in 2010-2011. Exhibited in Poland, Germany and UK. Member of RSMA, SSS and Bow Arts. Awarded with RSMA New Generation Award 2019.


I’m trying to produce sculptures that capture the “character” and “likeness” that is different from the actual reality. I’m interested in the subjective perception more than in scientific measurements. More like a poet describing an event in comparison to a journalist - although less factual may nevertheless reveal truths about it that you won’t find in “dry” facts. I am expressing my mind with three dimensional form in space and scale relating to the viewer. I manipulate, distort, add and remove: proportions, tensions, weights and scale in order to achieve the desired “feeling” in relation to the sculpture. The subject’s movement and balance are important for me to be included in the piece to express its nature.


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