Angela A'Court PS


A'Court's work is informed by quiet observation, reflecting upon a familiar scene and drawing a narrative from it. The scenes are not staged but someone else's arrangement - perhaps on a window sill, a kitchen table or in the park. It is the overlooked aspects of everyday life that draws her in, the stolen glances and the prose of happenstance.

As a contemporary artist A'Court wants to challenge the preconceived notions of pastel through innovation in order to define pastels as a modern medium for today.


The essentials of pastel are pure pigment, intense color, creating vitality, movement and sometimes vibration where edges meet. Using textured layers to define contours and describe tensions and gestures between forms, A'Court sees things in abstract and uses the narrative of line to express her interactions with familiar objects which carve out their own space, suggesting form by the negative shapes they create.

Her working process is an explorative, intuitive mix - borrowed from several disciplines - combining and alternating pastel with print or collage. A'Court gathers her visual language from the grace of everyday ordinariness, private worlds, unguarded moments, the unsaid - the remnants of human presence. She paints what makes her curious and seeks to render the truest emotional response that drew her in to stop and take note.


After graduation from Goldsmiths' College A'Court worked in an architectural practice in London as the interior designer and afterwards independently.


After fifteen years as a designer, she returned to painting full time. In 2003 A'Court moved to New York where she now lives and has a studio.


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