Brian Mitchell RSMA


Brian abandons as many paintings as he finishes. Brian is rarely satisfied with any work that he does finish. He has produced a handful of pieces he considers worth saving in the event of fire. Brian still lives in hope of producing work that satisfies him some day


Brian values the discipline of drawing and the inimitable results of working directly from observation. However, working from photographs, which he uses extensively, Brian finds a poor substitute.
He work in oils, watercolour and acrylic, whichever seems most likely to realise the image he has, too firmly, perhaps, in his mind, though he believes oil offers the greatest promise.
It is always the next painting, the one that is only an idea, that rouses the greatest enthusiasm, closely followed by the one barely begun, and so the studio usually has an embarrassment of works in progress, some likely to “progress” no further.


Born St Ives, Cornwall.

Spent four years at local art schools followed by a year at the Institute of education, University of London.

Taught in the Midlands for five years before returning to Cornwall.

Chairman of the St Ives Society of Artists for ten years.


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