Geoff Hunt PPRSMA


Most of Geoff's studio work, consisting of historical or contemporary marine subjects, is in oil on linen canvas. These can be large paintings; in 2015 he completed a view of Hong Kong Harbour in 1849 which measured 55 x 85 inches, over 32 square feet. A more usual size is around 20 x 30 inches or 24 x 36.

They can take many weeks or even months to paint,  though sometimes the preliminary research process is also lengthy - to take an extreme example, Geoff conducted 113 hours of research before he even picked up a brush for his reconstruction of Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose.

Geoff has a waiting list for commissioned studio pieces, usually from eighteen months to two years. So he is generally working on one painting but at the same time he has in mind four or five other pieces at different stages; he is a great believer in the maturing process, researching a subject and then letting ideas ferment at the subconscious level for a lengthy period.

In recent years he has returned to watercolour for plein-air painting, a great contrast with his studio painting in medium, subject, and time spent! He usually paints with the Wapping Group of Artists, so the subject-matter is Thames-side, the estuary, and London in general.


1948 Born on 11 March in Twickenham, London

1966-70 Studied Graphic Design at Kingston and Epsom Schools of Art

1977 First exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists

1989 Elected a Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

1992-98 Elected an Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Society Marine Artists

1994-96 Appointed Chairman of the Royal Society of Marine Artists Publishing Committees

1998-2003 Elected Vice President Royal Society of Marine Artists

2003 Elected a Member of the Wapping Group of Artists

2003-08 President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists


Wapping Group of Artists

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