Tom Coates PPNEAC PPPS PPRBA RP RWS (1941 - 2023)


As described by his close friend and associate, David Wolfers of the New Grafton Gallery, “Tom paints with a sense of urgency and has a natural ability to express what he sees on canvas. He is a prolific painter for whom technique is second nature.”

Tom emphasises the use of good draughtsmanship, he always has a sketch book and his specially designed Pochard Box to hand for his oils, wherever he maybe.


Tom uses all materials and works instinctively with whatever he feels will produce the best results for the image that he is working on. He uses all kinds of brushes and tools, and sometimes works with his fingers to literally ‘draw with paint’. Tom's library of old sketchbooks acts as a constant point of reference and he always draws from life. Using these quick, loose images he begins marking out a larger image once in the studio. He doesn't believe that photographs capture a real moment and as a result he does not use them to remind him of a subject. All his preliminary sketches and memories are real enough and they represent him as the artist, capturing the moment.


1941 Born Aston, Birmingham

1956 to 1959 Bourneville College of Art

1959 to 1961 Birmingham College of Art

1961 to 1964 Won a scholarship to The Royal Academy Schools


Royal West of England Academy

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