In memory of John Walton Hon RP (1925-2023)

/ Royal Society of Portrait Painters

John Walton-Self portrait-USE.jpg
John Walton-Self portrait.jpg

In memory of John Walton Hon RP

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John Walton, one of the great characters and significant movers of the portrait world. Whilst his spirit was undiminished, his body could not keep up the pace, and he died peacefully at the age of 97.

John was an eminent portrait painter; his work is jewel-like, thought-through and minutely worked, he captured a time and place as well as personality. He delighted in exploring ideas, whether it was experimenting with curvilinear perspective or learning about clock making.

John’s forceful character and intellect were applied generously beyond his own portraiture, and he saved Heatherley School of Fine  Art, perhaps the only place to learn the art of portraiture in the UK in the  1970s,  and the Federation of British Artists in the 1990s through the generous and, in the case of the FBA, voluntary application of his leadership and vision.

We have lost a force of nature who was also a talented, intelligent, warm-hearted and extraordinarily generous man. He will be missed.

John Walton, Dr George Daniels CBE FBHI with the Space Traveller’s Watch