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Royal Institute of Painters of Water Colours 

Meet the award winners at the RI 211th Exhibition - congratulations to all!


  • The Winsor & Newton Award

A prize of £3,000

Julie Green, High Summer: Dappled Shade, 32 x 32 cm (43 x 43 cm framed)

"The piece explores the beauty of dappled shade, somewhere you will often find me during the summer months. I was particularly interested in conveying the dancing pockets of light, the hard and soft edges of emerging shapes, constantly shifting before disappearing. Exploring fresh ways to develop and push work excites me. Using a series of circles distills the subject down to a collection of interesting marks and shapes, perfectly capturing that sense of a series of fleeting moments in an abstracted form. The whole process was extremely mediative which I hope translates into the work." - Julie Green 


  • The Winsor & Newton Product Prize

Nick Gear, Undercurrent (Lines of Thought), 45 x 45 cm (54 x 54 cm framed)

"A work inspired by an engagement with landscape through walking. Finding paths & routes through place and mind, journeying the imagination, stepping outside of time." - Nick Gear


  • The Leathersellers' Prize

Linqi Feng, Old Man, 51 x 36 cm (61 x 46 cm framed)


  • The James Fletcher-Watson RI Award & The Megan Fitzoliver Brush Award

David A Parfitt RI for Blue Summer, 36 x 43 cm (59 x 65 cm framed) & Dancing Leaves, 24 x 27 cm (47 x 48 cm framed)


  • The Baohong Artists' Watercolour Paper Prize for a Member

Steven Allan Griffiths RI, The Knowledge of Silence, 53 x 60 cm (83 x 89 cm framed)


  • The Baohong Artists' Watercolour Paper Prize for a Non-member

Darrell Warner, Crucifixion, 45 x 45 cm (60 x 60 cm framed)

"This series of avian watercolours came about as a result of the first lockdown and discovering deceased birds that had been struck by speeding vehicles through my home village in the rural Cotswolds. In a vain attempt to highlight man's effect on nature at a very local level I began to document those birds. Strangely gloomy now that much of our native birdlife is under threat from avian flu..." - Darrell Warner


  • The Cass Art Prize

Sue Bridge, Swimmer, Land, Sea, 29 x 42 cm (32 x 45 cm framed)

"I am a cold swimmer, I feel a connection to the landscape. I am showing how rocks, body and water are interconnected and the link strengthened in this activity." - Sue Bridge


  • The Chaoshan Watercolour Award

Harsh Agrawal, En Route, 56 x 38 cm (61 x 43 cm framed)


  • The Dry Red Press Award

Sian Thomas, To The Point, 20 x 20 cm (33 x 33 cm framed)


  • The Escoda Barcelona Award

Samuel Dominiguez, Andes with Plants, 45 x 61 cm (46 x 62 cm framed)

"This piece was inspired by my Chilean background, by using the Andes landscape with some native plants from South America, as well as including a 'plant support structure' used for gardening and horticulture." - Samuel Dominquez


  • The Frank Herring Easel Award

Gary Cook RI, Antarctica: Cold but Warm, 0 x 78 cm (72 x 89 cm framed)

"A view of the becalmed bay near Port Lockroy, inspired by my trip to the frozen Antarctic Peninsula in 2017. A page from my sketchbook while I was there is included, as well as species I saw are written into the background of the painting. To me it felt so cold when I was sketching. I wore two pairs of gloves and took one off to scribble in fingerless cycling gloves, but could only manage a couple of minutes before I had to put both layers back on because of the cold. Sadly, and shamefully, the Peninsula, like its northern cousin the Arctic, is warming at a faster rate than the rest of our heating planet. It is 6 degrees warmer now compared to 1950." - Gary Cook RI


  • The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award

Karen Mai, Fruitful Thinking, 41 x 31 cm (51 x 41 cm framed)


  • The Debra Manifold RI Memorial Award

Brian Robinson, for his group of works | Last Chapter, 42 x 47 cm (61 x 66 cm framed)


  • The Richard Plincke RI Prize for Colour

Ian Cook RI, Figure 5, 38 x 24 cm (68 x 55 cm framed)


  • The President's Choice Award

Jenny Ross, Dreams of Earth, 25 x 25 cm (40 x 39 cm framed)


  • The John Purcell Paper Prize

Marco Fazzini, Rolling Down, 10 x 15 cm (25 x 31 cm framed)


  • The Schmincke Prize

Nuria Riera, Cabinet, 22 x 32 cm (31 x 43 cm framed)

"The interior of a cabinet full of porcelain items. I find porcelain a very fascinating material. These objects are usually hidden behind the cabinet doors, which is why I thought they deserved to be painted. The beauty in everyday things." - Nuria Riera


  • The Michael Harding Award

Brian Smith RI, Rendezvous, 34 x 52 cm (52 x 70 cm framed)

"This painting was inspired by a family reunion in a local restaurant which created a lovely informal atmosphere amongst the other diners whilst the service staff were in control of this busy weekend." - Brian Smith

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