Sonia Lawson RA Hon ROI RWS Hon RWA • 1934 - 2023

Sonia Lawson's large painting hung on the wall during the ROI exhibition at Mall Galleries. A young woman in an orange top is looking at the painting

As part of this year’s ROI show, an incredible work, Triptych 'The Garrison Town (8'x10') by female, English contemporary artist Sonia Lawson, is to be exhibited and is available for sale. Created between 1981 and 1984, this stunning piece of art history provides a poignant view of garrison towns during the Second World War, as seen through the eyes of women. Of the work, Zoe Congo, Sonia Lawson’s daughter said; “The sentinel figures on each side are rendered with a muted pallet as they bear silent witness to the activity of the main panel which features a female form in white sounding a drum; a splash of golden hair masking her face, while a girl in a spotted headscarf, red blouse and blue and yellow skirt stands with her back to the onlooker. The Garrison Town is one readying for a call to arms, and women are the foundation of all: muse; nurse; lover; sweetheart; mother; comforter. The castle serves as a dark backdrop with a small flag fluttering, while a skull looms spectre-like, the leitmotif of war.”