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man standing on stage
man standing on stage

Celebrate the next generation of young creatives at UAL Awarding Body’s Origins Creatives exhibition, coming to Mall Galleries on July 17.

The exhibition will showcase selected work created by students from Entry Level, Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 across all subject areas. You can expect to see a diverse range of painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, fashion and so much more.

Read below to learn more about the exhibition as well as their exciting project by Connecting Futures, a collaborative endeavour between students of all ages. 


Connecting Futures

UAL Awarding Body and The Unlocked Room, a collective from Central Saint Martin’s (CSM), came together to deliver a collaborative event for young students to promote the study of art. 

The project aims to unite and encourage creative connection through a project that uses collaboration at its heart, culminating in co-created pieces that reflects the stages of the journey. Students range from primary schools all the way through to higher education, allowing for a crossover between multiple groups to help foster creativity.

The event was hosted between Cedarwood primary school, Haggerston secondary school, UAL CSM Co designers from Foundation Art and Design, Edith Morgan, BA Fashion CSM and UAL Awarding Body staff. During the session, students explored identity, emotion and design innovation in their work and built creative alliances and co-creative relationships.

When meeting with the students, UAL Awarding Body staff heard that many of them had not considered art as a subject or career path for the future. Through crafting engaging activities that allowed for expression and collaboration, students were able to consider the different ways that art is present in everyday life and how their work can impact the world around them. 

The pieces that were created by the group range from an array of animals to an assortment of colourful shapes and patterns through various materials, including felt, tissue paper, card, paint and pencils. 

As part of our exhibition this July, Origins Creatives 2024, we will be featuring the final design created by the Connecting Futures group, taking their artwork and transferring it onto an item of clothing to be displayed at Mall Galleries.


Origins Creatives 2024

We are pleased to be hosting our annual exhibition Origins Creatives 2024 at Mall Galleries where we showcase a range of artwork by our talented UAL Awarding Body students. The opportunity allows students to experience having their work shown as part of an exhibit, in one of London’s most prestigious art venues. 

Through collaboration and creativity, students can gain inspiration from the exhibition, celebrate the work of their peers and aspire towards a future in the arts where they are the curators of their own paths. 


17 Jul 2024 - 20 Jul 2024 | West, East and North Galleries

Free Admission, no booking required

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