23 June 2023 to 1 July 2023

10am to 5pm

North, East & West Gallery

Booking is not required.

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, NEAC Friends and under 25s. Concessions available. 

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NEAC Annual Exhibition 2023

The New English Art Club (NEAC) exhibits the very best in figurative, observational and painterly work in the UK. 

The NEAC Annual Exhibition showcases paintings, drawings, and prints from its elected members alongside work by emerging artists whose ethos reflects its own: informed by the visual world and personal interpretation, while underpinned by drawing. 

What to Expect:

  • Over 400 works for sale
  • A series of events to accompany the exhibition, including the NEAC Annual Lecture
  • A team of dedicated professionals to help and advise with your purchase if required

About the New English Art Club

Founded in the 19th century, the New English traces its history through artists as diverse as Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, Vanessa Bell and Gwen John. More recent exhibitors include Royal Academicians such as Fred Cuming, Anthony Green and Ken Howard.

Online Exhibition

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Corsellis-Jane-The Rugby Pitch, Port Talbot Steel Works.jpg

The Rugby Pitch, Port Talbot Steelworks

Jane Corsellis NEAC RWS

46 x 41 cm (61 x 53 cm framed)
Cree-Alex-Ship and Paddle Boarder.jpg

Ship and Paddle Boarder

Alex Cree

Oil on canvas on board
15 x 25 cm (29 x 39 cm framed)
Crittenden-James-Old Olive Tree.jpg

Old Olive Tree

James Crittenden Sen PS

Drypoint (edition of 10, 5 available)
56 x 49 cm (66 x 58 cm framed)
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Cromwell-Roger-Suburbia, View from a Train.jpg

Suburbia, View from a Train

Roger Cromwell

Oil on board
25 x 91 cm (34 x 101 cm framed)
Crozier-Belinda-The Jubilee Party.jpg

The Jubilee Party

Belinda Crozier

Conte on paper
40 x 30 cm (64 x 53 cm framed)
Crozier-Belinda-Tom Listening to Music.jpg

Tom Listening to Music

Belinda Crozier

Conte on paper
47 x 36 cm (65 x 53 cm framed)
Cullen-Patrick-Annapurna 2.jpg

Annapurna 2

Patrick Cullen PNEAC

Charcoal and pastel
59 x 69 cm (80 x 90 cm framed)
Cullen-Patrick-Sasha Reflecting on her Alter Ego.jpg

Sasha Reflecting on her Alter Ego

Patrick Cullen PNEAC

89 x 99 cm (109 x 119 cm framed)
Cullen-Patrick-Yesterday No Tomorrow.jpg

Yesterday/No Tomorrow

Patrick Cullen PNEAC

76 x 203 cm (94 x 221 cm framed)
Cuming-Fred-Moonrise over Apple Orchard.jpg

Moonrise over Apple Orchard

Fred Cuming RA NEAC Hon RBA Hon ROI (1930 - 2022)

92 x 122 cm
Cuming-Fred-Ridge under Snow.jpg

Ridge under Snow

Fred Cuming RA NEAC Hon RBA Hon ROI (1930 - 2022)

61 x 61 cm
Cuming-Fred-Tuscan Landscape.jpg

Tuscan Landscape

Fred Cuming RA NEAC Hon RBA Hon ROI (1930 - 2022)

51 x 61 cm
Cunning-Neil-The Thief.jpg

The Thief

Neil Cunning

Oil on canvas panel
20 x 20 cm (25 x 25 cm framed)


Sean Cunningham

Oil on board
24 x 30 cm (27 x 33 cm framed)


Sean Cunningham

Oil on board
30 x 20 cm (33 x 23 cm framed)
Curtis-Paul-Across the Fields to the Sea, Cornwall.jpg

Across the Fields to the Sea, Cornwall

Paul Curtis NEAC

34 x 39 cm
Curtis-Paul-Beach Party, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall.jpg

Beach Party, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall

Paul Curtis NEAC

66 x 66 cm
Curtis-Paul-Open Window, St Ives Studio.jpg

Open Window, St Ives Studio

Paul Curtis NEAC

58 x 73 cm
Curtis-Paul-Studio Flowers, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives.jpg

Studio Flowers, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

Paul Curtis NEAC

86 x 86 cm
Davison-Hubie-TJ Cobalt Blue.jpg

TJ Cobalt Blue

Hubie Davison

Oil on linen board
24 x 18 cm (28 x 22 cm framed)
Dobbs-John-Cup and Knife.jpg

Cup and Knife

John Dobbs NEAC SWLA

30 x 30 cm (40 x 40 cm framed)

Daffodils | Award Winner

John Dobbs NEAC SWLA

41 x 41 cm (51 x 51 cm framed)
Dobbs-John-Diggerland, Orange Skip and Dumper.jpg

Diggerland, Orange Skip and Dumper

John Dobbs NEAC SWLA

Oil on paper
19 x 24 cm (36 x 41 cm framed)
Dobbs-John-Sunshine, The Farm Cow.jpg

Sunshine, The Farm Cow

John Dobbs NEAC SWLA

40 x 50 cm (50 x 60 cm framed)
Eagle-Harriet-On the Shelf - In my Studio.jpg

On the Shelf - In my Studio

Harriet Eagle

28 x 38 cm (39 x 49 cm framed)

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