29 November 2023 to 16 December 2023

10am to 5pm

North, East & West Gallery

Booking is not required.

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, ROI Friends and under 25s. Concessions available. 

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Tel: 020 7968 0966 

Royal Institute of Oil Painters

The ROI Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting talented young exhibitors, alongside much admired, more established member artists.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach, to more innovative uses of material, style, and content.

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters was founded in 1882. Today, as then, it promotes and exhibits work of the highest standard in oil paint.


On the occasion of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters' Annual Exhibition 2023, new President Adebanji Alade takes us around London to discover what this year's exhibition theme 'Urban Life' truly means.

What to Expect:

  • A warm welcome to the exhibition
  • A series of artist-led events throughout the show
  • Over 300 original artworks for sale
  • All works available through the Own Art scheme that allows for any purchase to be spread, interest free, over 10 months

Online Exhibition

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Joe Blundell

Oil on canvas
102 x 122 cm (112 x 132 cm framed)
Bonello-Mark-Houseboats at Benfleet.jpg

Houseboats at Benfleet

Mark Bonello

Oil on board
18 x 27 cm (26 x 35 cm framed)
Bower-Susan-A Rock and a Hard Place.jpg

A Rock and a Hard Place

Susan Bower RBA ROI

Oil on board
46 x 56 cm (50 x 60 cm framed)
Bower-Susan-Indian Corn.jpg

Indian Corn

Susan Bower RBA ROI

Oil on board
35 x 39 cm (49 x 53 cm framed)
Bower-Susan-Moon on a Stick.jpg

Moon on a Stick

Susan Bower RBA ROI

Oil on board
46 x 56 cm (50 x 60 cm framed)
Bower-Susan-Our Children Will Not Forgive Us.jpg

Our Children Will Not Forgive Us

Susan Bower RBA ROI

Oil on board
56 x 46 cm (60 x 50 cm framed)
Buckley-Jen-Clwm Idwal, Snowdonia.jpg

Clwm Idwal, Snowdonia

Jen Buckley

Oil on board
30 x 30 cm (45 x 45 cm framed)
Burke-Sam-Deep Dive I.jpg

Deep Dive I | Award Winner

Sam Burke

Oil on linen
76 x 61 cm (81 x 66 cm framed)
Burton-Abigail-The Dying Slave.jpg

The Dying Slave

Abigail Burton

Oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm
Bush-Emma-Dahlia and Wallflowers.jpg

Dahlia and Wallflowers

Emma Bush

24 x 30 cm (31 x 37 cm framed)
Carney-WIlliam-After the Rain.jpg

After the Rain

William Carney ROI

51 x 51 cm (59 x 59 cm framed)
Carney-William-Lady in the Shade.jpg

Lady in the Shade

William Carney ROI

25 x 21 cm (34 x 29 cm framed)


William Carney ROI

21 x 25 cm (29 x 34 cm framed)
Carver-Fiona-Corner of the Studio.jpg

Corner of the Studio

Fiona Carver

Oil on linen panel
40 x 30 cm (53 x 43 cm framed)
Chamberlain-Trevor-“Town of Ramsgate”, Wapping.jpg

"Town of Ramsgate", Wapping

Trevor Chamberlain RSMA ROI

34 x 24 cm (47 x 37 cm framed)
Chamberlain-Trevor-Frost on Goldings Marsh.jpg

Frost on Goldings Marsh

Trevor Chamberlain RSMA ROI

40 x 50 cm (54 x 64 cm framed)
Chamberlain-Trevor-Model Yachts, Victoria Park.jpg

Model Yachts, Victoria Park

Trevor Chamberlain RSMA ROI

19 x 25 cm (32 x 38 cm framed)
Chamberlain-Trevor-Painting by the Mill-pond.jpg

Painting by the Mill-pond

Trevor Chamberlain RSMA ROI

17 x 23 cm (24 x 31 cm framed)
Chan-Jonathan-Sickert Sef.jpg

Sickert Sef

Jonathan Chan

Oil on canvas board
20 x 20 cm (22 x 22 cm framed)
Chester-Kevin-Mae de Santo - Then and Now.jpg

Mae de Santo - Then and Now

Kevin Chester

Oil on linen
61 x 51 cm (82 x 72 cm framed)
Clark-Michael-Early Morning, 14th July, France.jpg

Early Morning, 14th July, France

Michael Clark

60 x 60 cm (80 x 80 cm framed)
Coleman-Amanda-Base of Roque del Conde, Tenerife.jpg

Base of Roque del Conde, Tenerife

Amanda Coleman ROI

13 x 18 cm (31 x 36 cm framed)
Coleman-Amanda-Cloud over Hill.jpg

Cloud over Hill

Amanda Coleman ROI

18 x 13 cm (36 x 31 cm framed)
Coleman-Amanda-Night Bridge.jpg

Night Bridge

Amanda Coleman ROI

15 x 30 cm (34 x 50 cm framed)


Amanda Coleman ROI

13 x 18 cm (31 x 36 cm framed)

Related events

Exhibition Tour
30 November 2023
Join member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Peter Graham, for a guided tour of the ROI Annual Exhibition 2023.
Graham-Peter-The Sound of Iona (web).jpeg
30 November 2023
An artist talk by Peter Graham ROI
Special event
4 December 2023
Adebanji Alade PROI on Painting People and Places
400x400Dellar-Roger-Young Painter.jpg
Artist demonstration
5 December 2023
Join member of the ROI, Roger Dellar, as he paints live in the galleries.
Ralston-Adam-Turps, Brushes & Paint.jpeg
Special event
5 December 2023
An exclusive opportunity to paint alongside members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters with portrait models, wine, and mince pies.
Artist demonstration
7 December 2023
Watch plein air artist, Natalia Avdeeva ROI, paint live in the gallery.
Avdeeva-Natalia-Reflections, Piccadilly Circus.jpg
Special event
9 December 2023
A friendly and engaging competition where you will have the day to create a painting within a half mile of Mall Galleries.
Summers-Haidee-Jo-Poinsettia in the Studio.jpg
Artist demonstration
11 December 2023
Haidee-Jo Summers VPROI RSMA will demonstrate painting in oils.