2 March 2023 to 11 March 2023

10am to 5pm 

All Three Galleries

Booking is not required 

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, RBA Friends and under 25s. Concessions available. 

Royal Society of British Artists Bicentennial Exhibition 

Every year, the Royal Society of British Artists invites painters, sculptors and printmakers to submit work for consideration alongside member artists. 

This show includes pieces by young and emerging artists – invited to join the RBA 200th Anniversary Exhibition at Mall Galleries – as well as established professional member artists. 

The skill and passion of the artists is reflected in the high quality of work on display. We are sure that visitors will be able to find unique works that they would love to own and enjoy, from the wonderful variety of art in this exhibition. This is a show where you will find a tremendous diversity of style, subject matter and media on display, with prices to suit every pocket.

Discover the prize-winning works

What to Expect:

  • Workshops and demonstrations held by Society members to share their knowledge and techniques 
  • Over 400 works for sale
  • A team of dedicated professionals at your disposal to offer help and advice with your purchase if required


About the Royal Society of British Artists

The Royal Society of British Artists was founded by a group of painters in 1823 and in 1887 the Society was granted the ‘Royal’ prefix. The RBA has remained one of the world’s premier art societies and has attracted world-renowned artists as members for nearly 200 years.

The Society has attracted many noteworthy painters and sculptors, such as Philip de László, LS Lowry and Henry Moore. Today there are 100 members, working with the highest standards of skill, expression and concept throughout the visual arts. 

Online Exhibition

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Abel-Jacqueline-Tourmaline Hills.jpg

Tourmaline Hills

Jacqueline Abel

30 x 40 cm (32 x 42 cm framed)
Adamoglu-Hun-Beside the Seaside.jpg

Beside the Seaside

Hun Adamoglu RBA

21 x 30 cm (31 x 39 cm framed)
Adamoglu-Hun-The Last Occupant.jpg

The Last Occupant

Hun Adamoglu RBA

70 x 39 cm (79 x 48 cm framed)
Aggs-Christopher-Blackthorn Blossom and Storks - Knepp Rewilding.jpg

Blackthorn Blossom and Storks - Knepp Rewilding

Christopher Aggs RBA

51 x 61 cm (67 x 77 cm framed)
Aggs-Christopher-Bramleys and Oakleaves.jpg

Bramleys and Oakleaves

Christopher Aggs RBA

31 x 26 cm (47 x 42 cm framed)
Aggs-Christopher-Bush Topiary - Knepp Rewilding.jpg

Bush Topiary - Knepp Rewilding

Christopher Aggs RBA

46 x 61 cm (62 x 77 cm framed)
Aggs-Christopher-Oak and Blackthorn with Deer - Knepp Rewilding.jpg

Oak and Blackthorn with Deer - Knepp Rewilding

Christopher Aggs RBA

61 x 51 cm (77 x 67 cm framed)
Aggs-Christopher-Oaks at Knepp with Longhorn Cattle.jpg

Oaks at Knepp with Longhorn Cattle

Christopher Aggs RBA

46 x 61 cm (62 x 77 cm framed)
Akomolafe-Yejide-Mama II.jpg

Mama II

Yejide Akomolafe

60 x 45 cm (70 x 55 cm framed)
Arif-Rachel-Up Cotton Mill Way.jpg

Up Cotton Mill Way

Rachel Arif

20 x 28 cm (30 x 32 cm framed)
Ashman-Malcolm-Squinting at the Beach.jpg

Squinting at the Beach

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

20 x 15 cm (31 x 26 cm framed)
Ashman-Malcolm-The Happy Couple.jpg

The Happy Couple

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

20 x 30 cm (31 x 41 cm framed)
Ashman-Malcolm-Trying to Remember a Name.jpg

Trying to Remember a Name

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

20 x 15 cm (31 x 26 cm framed)
Astling-Viv-Playing Second Fiddle.jpg

Playing Second Fiddle

Viv Astling OBE Hon RBA PRBSA

Distressed Limestone with copper sheet on Derbyshire stone and slate
69 x 40 x 20 cm
Bakovic-Natasha-Aromas of Mediterranean Herbs.jpg

Aromas of Mediterranean Herbs

Natasha Bakovic

70 x 100 cm (74 x 104 cm framed)
Baldwin-Martyn-A Big Cat.jpg

A Big Cat

Martyn Baldwin RBA

85 x 60 cm (103 x 78 cm framed)
Baldwin-Martyn-Cat 5.jpg

Cat 5

Martyn Baldwin RBA

49 x 64 cm (68 x 83 cm framed)
Baldwin-Martyn-Ginger Tom.jpg

Ginger Tom

Martyn Baldwin RBA

24 x 34 cm (34 x 43 cm framed)
Baldwin-Martyn-My Rose.jpg

My Rose

Martyn Baldwin RBA

54 x 65 cm (69 x 80 cm framed)
Baldwin-Martyn-Queen of Hearts.jpg

Queen of Hearts

Martyn Baldwin RBA

63 x 51 cm (80 x 69 cm framed)
Banks-Louise-The Mussel Sack III.jpg

The Mussel Sack III

Louise Banks

26 x 37 cm (34 x 45 cm framed)
Barnes-Chloe-Bike Ride.jpg

Bike Ride | Award Winner

Chloe Barnes

76 x 56 cm (88 x 68 cm framed)
Bartlett-Paul-Manikin, Masks & Geeta, during Covid.jpg

Manikin, Masks & Geeta, during Covid

Paul Bartlett Sen RBA

Graphite pencil
41 x 30 cm (60 x 47 cm framed)
Baxter-Denis-Mosaic Fragment.jpg

Mosaic Fragment

Denis Charles Baxter RBA FRSA RWA

Mixed media
33 x 24 cm (45 x 36 cm framed)
Baxter-Denis-Tamar View.jpg

Tamar View

Denis Charles Baxter RBA FRSA RWA

Etching and aquatint (edition of 50)
64 x 46 cm (74 x 53 cm framed)

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