21 September 2023 to 30 September 2023

10am to 5pm

North, East & West Gallery

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries and under 25s. Concessions available.

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The Royal Society of Marine Artists presents its 78th Annual Exhibition.

This is a showcase for the best in contemporary marine art, whether that is painting, drawing, printmaking, or sculpture, and as such the exhibition celebrates a diversity of approach as well as subject matter.

Here you will find almost photographic realism alongside the semi-abstract; the soft, muted tones of watercolour alongside the boldness of an oil painting. Here, too, you will find ocean-going vessels alongside dinghies and day-boats; busy commercial harbours alongside sandy beaches; what lies under the sea alongside the coasts that withstand the full force of the ocean. In short, something to appeal to everyone.

"The UK has long been Europe’s leader, and a constant inspiration, when it comes to the discipline of marine art. Being an island, the coast and sea is an integral part of our national identity. Artists have never been too far from it and many of us are drawn to the sea and to artwork depicting it. Since the Royal Society of Marine Artists’ inception in 1939, it has been focused on promoting the finest in figurative marine work. There is no other comparable society in the whole of Europe and, with its aim to bring together the year’s best tidal and coastal artwork, our Annual Exhibition attracts both artists and buyers from across the world." – John Scott Martin, RSMA President

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What to Expect:

  • Over 300 works for sale, including paintings and sculptures 
  • Workshops and demonstrations held by Society members to share their knowledge and techniques 
  • A team of dedicated professionals to help and advise with your purchase if required​


About the RSMA

Founded in 1939 as the Society of Marine Artists, in 1966 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted it the title Royal Society of Marine Artists. Early members included Charles Pears, Montague Dawson, Claude Muncaster, Norman Wilkinson, Rowland Hilder and Edward Wesson, all eminent artists in their day and whose work is held in major national collections. Many of the current members are equally eminent in their field and their work will be valued and appreciated for generations to come.

Online Exhibition

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Jobson_Ron_Repair Yard.jpg

Repair Yard

Ron Jobson

30 x 33 cm (35 x 38 cm framed)
Johnson_Amelia_Egret over Coast.jpg

Egret over Coast

Amelia Johnson

Aquatint etching (edition of 12, 11 available)
22 x 20 cm (40 x 35 cm framed)
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Jones_Roger R._Outer Harbour, Abersoch, North Wales.jpg

Outer Harbour, Abersoch, North Wales

Roger R Jones

Oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm (50 x 40 cm framed)
Jones_Roger R._Polperro, Low Tide.jpg

Polperro, Low Tide

Roger R Jones

40 x 50 cm (50 x 60 cm framed)
Kaufmann_Valerie_Jewel of the Sea.jpg

Jewel of the Sea

Valerie Kaufmann

17 x 36 x 25 cm
Kelly_Paul_Fishing for Lobsters.jpg

Fishing for Lobsters

Paul Kelly

40 x 50 cm
Kerr_Janette_Amongst the Villains of Ure.jpg

Amongst the Villains of Ure

Janette Kerr

Oil on canvas
121 x 160 cm
Killens_John_Outside the Fisherman's store.jpg

Outside the Fisherman's Store

John Killens

Watercolour and pastel
32 x 27 cm (52 x 47 cm framed)
Killens_John_The Telegraph at Heybridge.jpg

The "Telegraph" at Heybridge

John Killens

26 x 36 cm (46 x 56 cm framed)
King-Robert-Racing on the Solent.jpg

Racing on the Solent

Robert King Hon Rtd RI RSMA

102 x 150 cm (122 x 170 cm framed)
Kirin_Lorna_Net Worked.jpg

Net Worked

Lorna Kirin

Oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm (55 x 55 cm framed)
Kirin_Lorna_Sea Wrack.jpg

Sea Wrack

Lorna Kirin

Oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm (55 x 55 cm framed)
Knapp_Michael_MoonLight, Southwold Pier.jpg

Moonlight, Southwold Pier

Michael Knapp

Oil on panel
20 x 41 cm (30 x 51 cm framed)
Labuscagne_Tim_All Caught Up.jpg

All Caught Up

Tim Labuscagne

42 x 38 cm (57 x 53 cm framed)


Nils Lagergren

Mixed media, metal, and wood
30 x 92 x 13 cm
Lancaster_Sue_North Sea Blues.jpg

North Sea Blues

Sue Lancaster

Stitched textile
45 x 75 cm (53 x 83 cm framed)
Langley_Mark_Boat Maintenance.jpg

Boat Maintenance

Mark Langley

Oil on canvas
40 x 40 cm (46 x 46 cm framed)
Langley_Mark_Bridlington Calm.jpg

Bridlington Calm

Mark Langley

Oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm (56 x 46 cm framed)
Lee_Craig_Beer Beach.jpg

Beer Beach

Craig Lee

Oil on panel
20 x 25 cm (34 x 39 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Beach and Promenade Southwold.jpg

Beach and Promenade Southwold

Raymond Leech RSMA

23 x 31 cm (37 x 45 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Busy Crabbing Day Walberswick.jpg

Busy Crabbing Day Walberswick

Raymond Leech RSMA

23 x 31 cm (37 x 45 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Crabbing Jetty.jpg

Crabbing Jetty

Raymond Leech RSMA

15 x 31 cm (30 x 45 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Donkey Love.jpg

Donkey Love

Raymond Leech RSMA

23 x 18 cm (37 x 32 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Evening Crabbing Session Blakeney.jpg

Evening Crabbing Session Blakeney | Award Winner

Raymond Leech RSMA

18 x 23 cm (32 x 37 cm framed)
Leech-Raymond-Off for Ice Creams Southwold.jpg

Off for Ice Creams Southwold

Raymond Leech RSMA

46 x 61 cm (60 x 75 cm framed)

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