4 May 2023 to 13 May 2023

10am to 5pm

Booking is not required.

Closed on Saturday 6 May for the Coronation of His Majesty the King.

Late night opening, until 8pm, on Thursday 4 May and Wednesday 10 May

North, East & West Gallery

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries and under 25s. Concessions available. 

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2023

Regarded as one of the world’s greatest forums for portraiture, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition showcases some of the best painted and drawn portraits selected from both national and international submissions. The work exhibited is diverse, bringing together high-profile celebrity and society commissions, alongside exciting portraits of others we have yet to meet.

The exhibition aims to promote artistic practice and excellence in the field, offering several prestigious prizes and an excellent opportunity for commissions. Highlights include a special display on the theme of 'Clothing’, and several works on loan from the Society’s permanent collection of People’s Portraits at Girton College, Cambridge. 



"The Society’s Annual Open Exhibition is probably the largest and most significant celebration of contemporary portrait painting in Europe. The show is always selected by a jury of practising portrait painters, no critics, no journalists, no celebrities – just painters. The current annual prize fund is more than £40,000, including The William Lock Portrait Prize (£20,000) and The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture (£10,000)." - Anthony Connolly, President

Discover the prize-winning works

What to Expect:

  • An opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s most extensive contemporary portrait exhibitions forming a showcase of some 200 works
  • The chance to commission a work from an established portrait painter
  • A team of dedicated professionals to help and advise your purchase


About the Royal Society of Portrait Painters

The Royal Society of Portrait Painters aims to encourage the appreciation, study and practice of the art of portraiture. The Society contains a broad collection of stylistic and intellectual approaches that continue to make a significant contribution to the ongoing tradition of portraiture today.

The Society looks to uphold the values and practices of its long and distinguished history, but at the same time seeks to explore and develop new artistic models and perspectives in this endlessly fascinating and relevant discipline.

Online Exhibition

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Baroness Sally Morgan

Alastair Adams PPRP

74 x 50 cm (92 x 68 cm framed)
Adams-Alastair-Marc Crank.jpg

Marc Crank (2009)

Alastair Adams PPRP

106 x 126 cm

Peter and Helen Wellby

Alastair Adams PPRP

64 x 64 (74 x 74 cm framed)
Ali Kazmi-Imran-Girl with the Red Rose.jpg

Girl with the Red Rose

Imran Ali Kazmi

Oil on linen
31 x 27 cm (47 x 43 cm framed)
Allen-Richard-Els I.jpg

Els I

Richard Allen

Oil on linen
48 x 30 cm (50 x 32 cm framed)
Arenson-Laura-December's Goodbye.jpg

December's Goodbye

Laura Arenson

Graphite and chalk on paper
45 x 30 cm (52 x 36 cm framed)
Arenson-Laura-Don't Tell Anyone I'm Here.jpg

Don't Tell Anyone I'm Here

Laura Arenson

Graphite on paper
26 x 30 cm (46 x 40 cm framed)
Attie-Philippe-800-Pound Gorilla.jpg

800 pound Gorilla

Philippe Attie

Oil on canvas
91 x 61 cm (99 x 69 cm framed)
Avila-Jeff-Uneasy Sleep.jpg

Uneasy Sleep

Jeff Avila

Gouache and shellac
17 x 17 cm


Wendy Barratt

Oil on canvas
56 x 40 cm (58 x 42 cm framed)
Bays-Caroline-Stripey T-shirt.jpg

Stripey T-shirt

Caroline Bays PS

43 x 36 cm (59 x 51 cm framed)
Beckett-Stewart-Jo in my Studio Chair.jpg

Jo in my Studio Chair

Stewart Beckett

Oil on canvas
122 x 81 cm
Bedeman-Oliver-T'Nia Miller.jpg

T'Nia Miller

Oliver Bedeman

Reverse oil on glass
100 x 120 cm (108 x 128 cm framed)


Thomas Beecht

Oil on bitumen on wood
70 x 50 cm (73 x 53 cm framed)
Beharrell-Jane-Girl in Black.jpg

Girl in Black

Jane Beharrell

Oil on panel
25 x 20 cm (29 x 24 cm framed)
Belda Roman-Carles-Study for Something Never Ends.jpg

Study for Something Never Ends | Award Winner 2023

Carles Belda

Oil on prepared paper glued on table
19 x 15 cm (29 x 25 cm framed)
Bell-Frances-Clemmie and Hiccup.jpg

Clemmie and Hiccup

Frances Bell RP ROI ARSMA

Oil on canvas
65 x 80 cm
Bell-Frances-End of Lockdown.jpg

End of Lockdown

Frances Bell RP ROI ARSMA

Oil on canvas
100 x 125 cm
Bell-Frances-Henry Conway.jpg

Henry Conway

Frances Bell RP ROI ARSMA

Oil on canvas
100 x 75 cm
Benson-Tim-Adam Pearson.jpg

Adam Pearson


Oil on canvas
122 x 91 cm
Benson-Tim-Man Looking Down.jpg

Man Looking Down


Oil on board
30 x 20 cm (45 x 35 cm framed)
Benson-Tim-Mum, 2 Weeks Before She Died.jpg

Mum 2 Weeks Before She Died


Oil on board
40 x 30 cm (55 x 45 cm framed)



Oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm (95 x 75 cm framed)
Birch-Ashley-Artist Mother 'In a Field of its Own'.jpg

Artist Mother ('In a field of its own')

Ashley Birch

Oil on board
40 x 30 cm (52 x 42 cm framed)
Bond-Jane-Fran Maranzi, motorbike dispatch controller.jpg

Fran Maranzi, motorbike dispatch controller (2000)

Jane Bond RP NEAC

180 x 73.5 cm