New English Art Club | Annual Exhibition 2024

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£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries and under 25s. Concessions available. 

Installation photo of paintings on wall
Installation shot of paintings on a wall

NEAC Annual Exhibition 2024

The NEAC Annual Exhibition is the highlight of the New English Art Club’s calendar, where it showcases new work by member artists alongside selected entries from an open call.

At the heart of the NEAC is the search, propagation, and education of meaningful and resonant art. It is committed to authenticity through the observation of life, as well as the task of articulating and communicating these ideas with the beauty of skilful language.

The following prizes and awards will be presented to works of particular note:

• The Ken and Dora Howard Prize

 The Doreen McIntosh Prize

• The Hermione Hammond Drawing Award

• The Val Harris Prize

• The Bowyer Drawing Prize

• The Michael Harding Award

• The Milner Prize for an Emerging Artist

• The Winsor & Newton Award

• The NEAC Critics' Prize

• The Anthony J. Lester Art Critic Award

• The Dry Red Press Award

• Mall Galleries / FBA Award

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NEAC Annual Exhibition 2024

Patrick Cullen, Earth Has No Reset Button

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About the NEAC

The New English Art Club was formed in 1886 in response to the revolution in art that had just occurred across the Channel in the form of Impressionism. What so excited the NEAC founders about these French artists was that they were looking at the world with fresh eyes, with honesty and with a willingness to reject tired academic solutions to what a painting should look like and how paint should be applied.

The NEAC continues to celebrate art that comes out of looking with new eyes and experimenting with technique. There is nothing conservative about such art except in one respect: it continues a tradition which goes right back to the cave paintings, of making art that begins with observation and study of the world around us.

The NEAC continues to celebrate art that comes out of looking with new eyes and experimenting with technique.

Patrick Cullen - President

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