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Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

To submit your work to future open exhibitions and be in with a chance of winning a prize, find out more about our Call for Entries here.

If you are interested in sponsoring a prize at Mall Galleries / Federation of British Artists, please contact Alistair Redgrift (Head of FBA Exhibitions) at

The Alan Gourley Memorial Award

2013: Michael Travis Seymour, Navel Oranges

2014: Roy Freer ROI RI NEAC, Modifications

2015: Christopher Keays ROI, Holly Hill, Hampstead

2016: Tim Benson VPROI, Bernie

2017: Adebanji Alade ROI, Creative Progression

2018: Chris Bennett ROI, From the Orangery, Belton House

2019: Linda Alexander ROI, White Peonies in a Green Bowl

2020: Michael John Ashcroft AROI, Shortcut via Leicester Square

2021: Amanda Coleman AROI, Dad

2022: Tom Stevenson ROI, The Long Meadow in Moonlight


The Art Academy Portrait Prize

2019: Theo Taylor, Mother of Six

2020: Jess Routley, Self Portrait (on no particular day)

2021: Belinda Wrigley, Scarlet Clouds


The Artist Magazine Award

2013: David Walker, White Hoarding in Morning Light

2014: Lachlan Goudie ROI, Spring; Tom Wanless ROI, Countryside in Winter

2015: Richard Combes ROI, Paint Brush

2016: Anna Redwood ROI, What Now?

2017: Lucy McKie ROI, Christina

2018: Frederick Coppin, Georgie

2019: John Walsom ROI ARSMA, Waterloo, The Graffiti Tunnel

2020: Tim Benson PROI NEAC RP, Self Portrait by Lamplight

2021: Rob Pointon ROI, Piccadilly Flow

2022: Adam Ralston AROI, You're Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl


The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award

2013: Marie-Claire Redman, Jesus Cleanses the Temple; Maryam Foroozanfar, Alan

2014: Sarah Richardson, Yuan


The Dartington Crystal Chalice

2013: Bill Dean ROI

2014: Lucy McKie ROI

2015: Roger Dellar ROI PS RI

2016: June Mendoza ROI RP Hon SWA

2017: Tim Benson VPROI

2018: Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA

2019: David Curtis ROI RSMA

2020: David Pilgrim ROI

2021: Adebanji Alade VPROI

2022: Linda Alexander ROI


The DAS Award

2013: Ian Cryer ROI, Saltford, The Morris and You

2014: Dennis Syrett ROI RBA RSMA, Two Old Pals

2015: Peter Graham ROI, Age of Elegance


The Dry Red Press Award

2014: Lucy McKie, Cherries on Paper Bag

2015: Linda Alexander AROI, Still Life with Anemones

2016: Valeriy Gridnev ROI PS RP, In the Studio

2017: Peter Graham ROI, Tulips in Bloom

2018: Colette Clegg, Chioggia Beets

2019: Haidee-Jo Summers ROI RSMA

2020: Daniel Roy Sharples, Bridesmaid

2021: Michael Alford, Eastbound, Piccadilly

2022: Lizzie Black, The Cream Tea


The Frank Herring Easel Award

2013: David Walker, Bridge Work

2014: Graham Webber, Lands End

2015: David Walker, From Lambeth Bridge

2016: Adam Ralston, Hottest Day of the Year

2017: Michael John Ashcroft, Grey Skies, Yorkshire

2018: Roger Ferrin ROI, Low Water, Exmouth 

2019: David Pilgrim ROI, Old Harry and the Blues

2020: Thomas Arthurton, Rooftop View of St Petersburg

2021: Adam Ralston

2022: Andrew Hird, Morning Shadows - Juan Les Pins


The L Cornelissen & Son Prize

2013: Francis O’Toole, Dawning

2014: Rosalie Watkins, Study of Howard

2015: Roger Dellar ROI PS RI, The Cocktail Bar, RAC

2016: Anna Redwood ROI, What Now?

2017: Dorian Radu, Tom Middleton

2018: Lantian D, Ecce Homo

2019: Sue Spaull, The Napsack


The Le Clerc Fowle Medal

2013: Peter Brown Hon RBA NEAC PS ROI RP

2014: Chris Rigby, Hevadale

2015: Michael Weller

2016: Tony Merrick ROI

2017: Bill Dean ROI

2018: David Pilgrim ROI

2019: Luis Morris ROI

2020: David Curtis ROI RSMA

2021: Stewart Beckett

2022: John Walsom ROI RSMA 


The Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award

2013: Trevor Chamerlain ROI RSMA

2014: Gerry Halpin, Bay II, West Wales

2015: Clive Burnell, Horseshoe

2016: Bill Dean ROI

2017: Julia Hawkins, Bernard

2018: Rob Pointon, St Pancras, Late Morning

2019: Andrew Farmer AROI

2020: Adam Ralston

2021: Luis Morris ROI 

2022: Benjamin Hope ROI NEAC PS RP RSMA 


The Phyllis Roberts Award

2013: Alice Hall, Falmouth Dock; Francis Martin, Autumn Greys; Flora Watson, Georgy

2014: Sven Van Dorst, Oliver’s Shoes; Tom Stevenson, Exter Flood Defences 3; Elizabeth Thayer, Portobello Road

2015: Bernadett Timko, Self Portrait

2016: Rosalie Watkins, California Still Life

2017: Tom Stevenson, Lyme Regis Harbour

2018: Bernadett Timko, The Last Day

2019: Robert Ware, Dad

2020: Hongyu An, Vestige

2021: Jie Zhuang, One Day in the 1980s

2022: Kayoon Anderson, Self Portrait with James


The ROI Emerging Artist Prize

2019: Ruth Fitton, Nymphs (Diptych)

2020: Owain Hunt

2021: Max White

2022: Liza Sivakova, Anxiety


The ROI Themed Painting Prize

2022: Kayla Martell, Roe


The Small Painting Prize

2019: John Dobbs NEAC SWLA, Lemon and Spoon

2020: Angela Bell, Tom in the Light

2021: Tom Marsh ARSMA, Evening Light, Fields, Battle, E. Sussex

2022: Sarah Manolescue, Last Night, Bramshott


The Stanley Grimm Prize

2012: Valeriy Gridnev ROI PS RP; Bill Dean ROI

2013: Jeremy Barlow ROI; Richard Price ROI

2014: Anna Redwood ROI; Chris Rigby

2015: Chris Bennett ROI; David Walker

2016: Mick Dean; Linda Alexander AROI; Michael Alford

2017: Lucy McKie ROI; David Curtis ROI RSMA

2018: Liz Bailey; Dorian Radu

2019: Nic Dartnell; Madeline Fenton

2020: N/A

2021: Peter Wileman FROI RSMA; Nicholas Verrall ROI RBA

2022: Svetlana Semenova; Ollie Tuck


The Tony Merrick Memorial Prize

2019: Amanda Coleman, Milk Jug and Mantelpiece

2020: Michelle Anderson, Fieldspan

2021: Sarah Freeman

2022: Michelle Anderson, Hinterland


The Winsor & Newton Award

2015: Bruce Williams, Whitstable Bay

2016: Dennis Spicer, Three Lemons, Three Figs (And a Horse)

2017: Benjamin Hope, Bathurst Firewood

2018: Stuart Howitt, Simian Simulacrum

2019: Jennifer Anderson, Drinking Her In

2020: Andrew Newton, Lip Gloss

2021: Paul Heredia, Mirror Test 15.6.21

2022: Anna Redwood ROI, A Thousand Hours


The Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award, First Prize

2013: James Bland, Reclining Figure, Evening

2014: Elizabeth Thayer, Greenwich Meridian Trail

2015: Bernadett Timko, Self Portrait

2016: Alice Boggis-Rolfe, Canoes on The Dordogne

2017: Frances Bell, The Reading Lesson

2018: Andrew Farmer, The Garden

2019: Bernadett Timko, Lazy Boy (Study of Max II)

2020: Ruth Fitton, Self Portrait in Miniature

2021: Hanie Soltani, Still Life in Time

2022: Jie Zhuang, An Ordinary Day


The Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award, Second Prize

2013: Ellen Tovey, Sasha

2014: Tom Hughes, Gerbera with Origami Bird

2015: Andrew Farmer, Self Portrait

2016: Rob Pointon, The Red Door, Montmartre

2017: Maria Rose, Falmouth Custom House Quay

2018: Bernadett Timko, B II

2019: Max Mansbridge-West, Creature Comfort

2020: Anna Calleja, Alone in Quarantine

2021: Ruth Fitton, Grace, at Dusk

2022: Robert Ware, Self Portrait with Pearl Earring


The Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award, Third Prize

2013: Stephanie Pijper, Studio 6.13

2014: Rosalie Watkins, Study of Howard

2015: Harriet Spratt, Ben

2016: Tom Stevenson, Beer, Devon

2017: Diana Savostaite, Green Kitchen

2018: Tom Stevenson, Weekend on the Cathedral Close

2019: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, Eel Be Alright

2020: Bernadett Timko, Chris' Kitchen

2021: Max White, Tenby's North Beach, August Morning

2022: Thomas Golunski, Amy Li

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