Artist Demo | Haidee-Jo Summers

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Artist Demo | Haidee-Jo Summers

Vice President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Haidee-Jo Summers VPROI RSMA, will demonstrate painting in oils.

Haidee-Jo looks forward to talking to visitors in the setting of the ROI Annual Exhibition 2023.

About the Artist

Haidee-Jo gained a BA Hons degree in illustration but knew even before graduating in 1994 that her future lay in fine art instead. She has been exhibiting and teaching painting for over 25 years and won her first major award in 1997 with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. 

“My work is a celebration of sea, wind, sky, light and life revealed in rich and vibrant oil paint using my personal visual language of fresh and direct brushmarks. Painting en plein air is central to my practice, and I travel to seek new experiences and fresh inspiration to feed back into my studio work. I strive for simplicity and economy and to make every mark count, walking a fine line between shape and suggestion.” - Haidee-Jo Summers