An Artist's Point of View - Painting on the Western Isles of Scotland

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An Artist's Point of View - Painting on the Western Isles of Scotland

An artist talk by Peter Graham ROI

Join Peter Graham for an educational talk about the trials and tribulations of painting 'en plein air' on the West Coast of Scotland, featuring a short film where Peter makes a pilgrimage to paint on the Scottish Island of Iona.

About the Artist

Peter Graham is one of Britain’s foremost Modern Colourists and a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. His work is often related to the modern Scottish school of painters, but Peter has a flamboyant style which is unique – detailed brushwork combined with looser fluid strokes creating vibrant contrasts of pure colour, line and tone.

Peter prefers to work en plein air whenever possible and does not use photography in his painting process. He believes this is how to get at the heart of the subject.

“Often because of my approach I can attract onlookers, which can be quite revealing as you can see what kind of reaction you are getting to your painting – a sort of instant criticism. Generally, people are very polite and understand that the painting is in progress and still developing." - Peter Graham

How to Book

This event is free with gallery admission, however places are limited and must be booked in advance.

To book your place, please email Alistair Redgrift, Head of FBA Exhibitions at