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The Royal Society of Marine Artists presents a series of artist demonstrations during the RSMA Annual Exhibition 2023:

Thursday 21 September, 10am to 12pm

Mark Buck ARSMA will demonstrate how to capture reflections in water using pure watercolour. A finished watercolour painting will be painted from photographic and video references, to show reflections and movement in water within a harbour setting.

Thursday 21 September, 2pm to 4pm

Srirangam Mohankumar ARSMA will demonstrate painting with transparent watercolour in his trademark style which involves simple design, a loose and painterly way of approaching the subject, and an emphasis on strong light and shadows.

Friday 22 September, 2pm to 4pm

Plein air painter, Tom Marsh ARSMA AROI, will share his preferred setup for painting on location and will show his painting process including blocking in and painting the light. He will work from one or two marine plein air paintings.

Saturday 23 September, 2pm to 4pm

Duncan Palmar RSMA will paint a beach scene, aided by an oil sketch and photographic reference.

Duncan says about his work, "Working in oils from sketches and photographs I try to capture light, texture and atmosphere in my landscapes and coastal scenes. I also focus on the small details, for example, giving the effect of damp seaweed on a harbour wall or reflections of clouds on wet sand."

Thursday 28 September, 11am to 1pm

Felicity Starr will paint live in the gallery.

Felicity says about her work, "I am largely a self taught artist with my best teacher being the great outdoors. Nature is always showing me new ways to appreciate and observe life which in turn I try to document. My work tries to demonstrate the inspiring connection and response to my surroundings. I strive to create realistic paintings which celebrate life and excite the soul without embellishing the subject. My goal is for people to feel good when looking at my paintings."

Friday 29 September, 11am to 1pm

Roger Dellar ARSMA PS RI ROI will demonstrate alla prima painting techniques, relating to boats in a marine environment, including reflections and light effects. 

Friday 29 September, 2pm to 4pm

Join Roger Dellar for a demonstration of alla prima painting techniques, concerning the relationship of human presence to the marine environment: their stance, movement, etc.

Saturday 30 September, 2pm to 4pm

Nick Grove ARSMA will be demonstrating plein air painting, in particular how to quickly map out the drawing and then block in tonal areas before moving on to more detail.

Image by Srirangam Mohankumar ARSMA