The Royal Society of Portrait Painters stated aim is to promote the practice and appreciation of the fine arts and, in particular, to promote excellence in the art of portraiture.

The Society vigorously looks to uphold the values and practices of its long and distinguished history, but at the same time, it seeks to explore and develop new artistic models and perspectives in this endlessly fascinating and relevant discipline. Membership is through election for the merit of work.

The Society of Portrait Painters was founded in 1891. Twenty years later it became the ‘Royal Society of Portrait Painters’, with its early membership including John Everett Millais, George Frederick Watts and James McNeil Whistler. It is now a registered charity with Her Majesty The Queen as its Patron. 

Within its present membership, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters contains a broad collection of stylistic and intellectual approaches that continue to make a significant contribution to the ongoing tradition of portraiture in Britain today.

Its annual exhibition takes place at Mall Galleries, its permanent collection is at Girton College Cambridge and its service to help those wishing to commission a portrait is run throughout the year.

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President: Richard Foster PRP

Vice President: Simon Davis VPRP

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