Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award

2013: Thomas Allen, Love Eavesdropping on Past to Inform Indecision while Lives Lived and Lost

2014: David Poxon RI, The Day is Done

2015: Deborah Walker RI, Detail

2016: Julian Bray, Aunty Grace WW2 Nurse

2017: Matthew Phinn, London Shootfighters Kyokushin Karate Team

2018: Anne Lynch, Waiting for the Guests; Geoffrey Wynne RI, Written in Dusk, Resurrection

2019: David Gleeson, The Vanishing Museum: Kelvingrove

2020: Claire Sparkes RI, The Seed That Loki Planted


The ArtsBox Solo Prize

2018: John Yardley RI

2019: Deborah Walker RI RSMA


The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award

2013: Olivia Cardnell, Cornish Coast

2014: Thomas Allen, Jane


The Baohong Artists' Watercolour Paper Prizes

2019: Harry Price RI, Medieval Fishpond, Baddesley Clinton; Juliette Losq, Corpus 

2020: Lillias August RI, Tied Up in Knots; Juliette Losq, Aisle


The Cass Art Prize

2016: Bob Rudd RI, Trebarwith, North Cornwall

2017: Nigel Priddey, North Hill, Malvern

2018: Sarah Wimperis, One Hundred to One from The Shard

2019: Zi Ling, Bridge

2020: Martha Zmpounou, Christian


The Chaoshan Watercolour Award

2019: Pauline Fazakerley RI, The Old Booking Hall

2020: Tianya Zhou RI, Prayers


The Debra Manifold Memorial Award (Presented by the Linda Blackstone Gallery)

2013: Anne McCormack RI, Piano Bar

2014: Jean Robinson RI, Low Tide, Summer

2015: Richard Plincke RI, Come Helen, Come Bring Me My Soul Again

2016: Naomi Tydeman RI, Lavender Sky; Naomi Tydeman RI, Moon Showers

2017: Claire Sparkes, Threads

2018: Tianya Zhou, Tibetan Old Amah 

2019: Gary Denny, Celt

2020: Lisa Graa Jensen RI, Deep Midwinter


The Donald Blake Award

2013: Robin Storey, Short Cut


Dry Red Press Award

2015: Lisa Graa Jensen RI, Hide & Seek

2016: Janet Skea RI, Naughty Puss!

2017: Lillias August RI, Four Palette Knives

2018: Mike Bernard RI, The Angel + Crown 

2019: Julia Trickey, The Last Rose

2020: Desmond Clark, Kid in a Sweetshop 


The Escoda Barcelona Award

2014: Simon Hodges, Symonds Yat

2015: Deborah Walker RI, Detail

2016: Ann Kilvington, Evening Light, Paddy’s Gole SG

2017: Robin Hazlewood RI, That Line of Turquoise Blue, Evening, Camber

2018: Clare Maria Wood, Windstorm III

2019: Lillias August RI, Empty Nests

2020: Brendan Smith, Sunset, Ventnor


The Frank Herring Easel Award

2013: Paul Banning RI RSMA

2014: David A Parfitt RI, Sat on the Path

2015: Christopher Forsey RI, Puss in Souk

2016: Geoffrey Wynne RI, Greek Sketches Syros

2017: Mark Elsmore, Walkway, King's Cross

2018: Zi Ling, King Lear

2019: Yellon Ran Huang, The City You and I Live In - 2A

2020: Alex Chilvers, London Fields Lido


The James Fletcher-Watson RI Award

2017: Julian Bray, Welbeck Terrace

2018: Martin Caulkin RI, Tumbledown Monastic

2019: Geoffrey Wynne RI, Revolution in the Academy

2020: David Howell PPRSMA, The Ghats at Udaipur


The John Purcell Paper Prize

2014: Robert Cunnew, The Stade, Hastings

2015: Filipe Miguel das Dores, Mario Night

2016: Brian Robinson, One Careful Owner

2017: Richard Thorn, Autumn Chiaroscuro

2018: Diana Boanas, Wedding Glow

2019: John Wiltshire, Us and You with a Ring of Salt

2020: Faye Bridgwater, 140 Monochrome Studies of Sussex


The Leathersellers’ Prize

2015: Tim Patrick, Barren Room

2016: Zi Ling, Rikishi (First Prize); Filipe Miguel das Dores, Working Alone (Second Prize)

2017: Kate Morgan

2018: Nathaniel Hornsby, Heat

2019: Junwei Dai, Tuscan Sunshine

2020: Suzon Lagarde, Suzy


The Matt Bruce RI Memorial Award

2014: Peter Jarvis, Boating Lake

2015: Matthew Phinn, Misato

2016: Chung-Wei Chien, Cambridge Riders

2017: Geoff Butterworth, Running On Time

2018: David A Parfitt RI, Wetland Winter

2019: Tim Gustard, The Little Pasta Tin


The Megan Fitzoliver Award

2017: Paul Banning RI RSMA, Winter Light, Queens View, Ewshot

2018: Harry Price RI, Below the Falls

2019: Lillias August RI, Empty Nests

2020: Deborah Walker RI RSMA, Be Still


The Neil Meacher Sketching Prize

2013: Colin Allbrook RI RSMA

2014: Robin Hazlewood RI

2015: Moira Huntly RI PS RSMA

2016: Roger Dellar RI PS ROI


The Neil Meacher RI Watercolour Award

2017: David Thomas, Spoleto

2018: Camilla Dowse, Tall Townhouses

2019: Matthew Phinn, Runswick Bay

2020: Geoff Butterworth, A Day Like Any Other


The President's Choice Award

2020: Lucy Pulvers, Self-Portrait 1


The Richard Plincke RI Prize for Colour

2019: Delia Cardnell RI, Evening Light

2020: Paul Murray, Winter Memorials 


The Rowland Hilder Award

2013: Gordon Rushmer, The King’s Palace, Kabul


The Schmincke Prize

2014: Sarah Wood, Croscosmia with Raindrops

2015: Varsha Bhatia, Entrance, Natural History Museum

2016: Richard Thorn, Noon in the Olive Grove (Portugal)

2017: Martin Caulkin RI, One Samuel Sixteen, Verse Seven

2018: Keith Hornblower, Bangkok Building Site

2019: Paul Murray, Hillside Thaw

2020: Emma Hollaway, Found Paintings 2.1


Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial Prize

2015: Xi Guo, Victim

2016: Frances Hatch, Ladram Red


The Turner Medal

2013: Naomi Tydeman RI

2014: Robin Hazlewood RI

2015: Deborah Walker RI, Detail


Wicked Watercolours Award

2015: Jan Munro, Winter


The Winsor & Newton Award (£3,000)

2018: Mark Elsmore, Multi-Storey

2019: Tianya Zhou RI, Tibetan Ama 

2020: George Butler, Delhi Market


The Winsor & Newton Product Prize

2018: Julie Green, Tangled Tide

2019: Felipe Chavez, Building a Stalker

2020: Day Bowman, Storage Facility 2


The Winsor & Newton / RI Award

2013: David Poxon RI

2014: Geoffrey Wynne RI

2015: Delia Cardnell RI

2016: David A Parfitt RI

2017: Shirley Trevena RI