Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Society of Wildlife Artists. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

To submit your work to future open exhibitions and be in with a chance of winning a prize, find out more about our Call for Entries here.

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The BIRDscapes Gallery 'Conservation through Art' Award

2013: Bruce Pearson SWLA

2014: Carry Akroyd SWLA

2016: Jane Smith SWLA, Under the waves

2017: Michael Warren SWLA

2018: Esther Tyson SWLA, Winter Sparrow

2019: Robert Gillmor PPSWLA, Avocet and chicks

2020: Christopher Wallbank SWLA, Goldfinch and Wych Elm

2021: Julia Manning SWLA


The Birdwatch and Swarovski Optik Artist of the Year Award

2005: Chris Rose

2006: Paul Bartlett

2007: John Threlfall

2008: Szabolcs Kokay

2009: Darren Woodhead

2010: Matt Underwood

2011: Tim Wootton

2012: Federico Gemma

2013: Nik Pollard SWLA

2014: Dafila Scott SWLA

2015: Jane Smith ASWLA

2016: Daniel Cole SWLA, Great Black-backed Gulls and Rooks, Camel Estuary

2017: Nick Derry SWLA, Jack Snipe

2018: Andrew Haslen SWLA, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

2019: Ben Woodhams SWLA, Tufted Ducks on icy water, January, Ronne

2020: Esther Tyson SWLA

2021: Liz Myhill, Across the bay


The Curwen Studio Prize

2013: Kim Atkinson SWLA, Blackbird Migration


Dry Red Press Award

2014: Max Angus SWLA, Woodcock Pilots (Goldcrest) – North Norfolk

2015: Matt Underwood SWLA, Spring Blackbird

2016: Daniel Cole SWLA, High tide on the Fal River

2017: Richard Allen SWLA, Swifts

2018: Carry Akroyd SWLA, Windhover

2019: Lisa Hooper, Caerlaverock

2020: Richard Jarvis SWLA, Moorhens, Mallards & Mayflies

2021: Brin Edwards SWLA, Great Crested Grebes with Yellow Water Lilies and Banded Demoiselles


The Hawk and Owl Trust’s Roger Clarke Award

2013: Nick Derry SWLA, Red Kites and Starlings

2014: Adam Binder SWLA, Sparrowhawk

2015: Tim Wootton SWLA, Glorious

2016: Nick Derry SWLA, Red Kites

2017: Darren Woodhead SWLA, Long-eared Owl in Sea Buckthorn


The Langford Press Award

2013: Andrew Haslen SWLA, The Feeding Tree

2014: Nicolas Pain, Flight of Manta Rays


The Langford Press 3D Award

2015: Adam Binder SWLA, Greenfinches

2016: Stephen Rautenbach, Pangolin

2017: Harriet Mead PSWLA


The Langford Press Field Sketches Award

2013: Federico Gemma SWLA

2014: Szabolcs Kokay SWLA

2015: Richard Johnson ASWLA

2016: Paschalis Dougalis

2017: Richard Allen SWLA

2018: John Steele


The Langford Press Printmaking Award

2015: Julia Manning ASWLA, The Building of Wallasea RSPB

2016: Matt Underwood SWLA

2017: Lisa Hooper, Sandwich Terns


Larson-Juhl Award

2019: Wynona Legg

2020: Nik Pollard SWLA, White-tailed Bumble Bee and Knapweed series

2021: Tianyin Wang


Mascot Media 'Nature in Print' Award

2018: Julia Manning SWLA, Returning tide

2019: Jane Smith SWLA, Under water Gannets


PJC Drawing Award

2013: Emerson Mayes, Wandering Winter Waxwings

2014: Katrina van Grouw, Pegwell Bay

2015: Richard Allen, Coastal Birds

2016: Loz Wilson, Q in Tern

2017: Chris Rose SWLA, Aberlady Bay 


RSPB Award

2003: Dafila Scott SWLA

2004: Paul Henery ASWLA

2005: Robert Greenhalf

2006: David Bennett

2007: Carry Akroyd

2008: Esther Tyson

2009: Daniel Cole

2010: Brin Edwards

2011: Alison Ingram

2012: N/A

2013: Nick Derry SWLA, Blue-headed Wagtails, Greenshank and Swallows

2014: Federico Gemma SWLA, Whinchat, Giglio Island, Tuscany

2015: Greg Poole SWLA, Short-eared Owl Flying Near Digger

2016: Robert Gillmor SWLA, Shore Larks

2017: Dafila Scott SWLA, Bittern over the fen

2018: Kittie Jones SWLA, Feeding Curlew

2019: Nik Pollard SWLA, Colony 5 - Gannets, Bass Rock

2020: Simon Turvey SWLA, Swallows

2021: Ben Woodhams SWLA, Smew sailing through


SWLA Visitors' Choice Award

2019: Chris Rose SWLA, Eiders


The Terravesta Prize

2017: Carry Akroyd SWLA, Flooded washes

2018: Jill Moger SWLA, Hydrothermal vent (sea chimney)

2019: Esther Tyson SWLA