Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the New English Art Club since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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The Bowyer Drawing Prize

2018: Dominic Keshavarz, Rostrenen

2019: Julie Jackson NEAC, Hackney 2019 

2020: Jason Line, Study for Bottles and Buildings

2021: Andrew Barrowman, Tree Study


Chris Beetles Gallery Prize for Figurative Art

2020: Lyn Gray, Hermione at Home

2021: Cherryl Fountain, At Home with Waggis


Contemporary Arts Trust Award (formerly The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award)

2013: David Maiden, Twenty-three Weeks; Richard Burton, Making the Bed

2014: Christy Yates, Black Man in the White House, & Elegy to Uncertainty (Schrödinger’s Cat); Eigil Nordstrom, Afternoon Underpass

2015: Sarah Jane Moon, Studio III

2017: Alex Maczkowski, Toil


The David Messum Prize

2013: Mick Kirkbride NEAC, My Beautiful Launderette; Ruth Stage NEAC, Figure on a Cornish Coastline


The Doreen McIntosh Prize

2013: Jane Corsellis NEAC, Clam Diggers near Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland; Mick Kirkbride NEAC, Drawing Class

2014: Michael Cooper NEAC, Downland Fields

2015: James Bland NEAC, Woman at a Table

2016: Martin Yeoman NEAC, Taj Mahal Winter

2017: Paul Gildea NEAC, Night Watch

2018: Tim Benson PROI, Selfie by Lamplight; Toby Ward NEAC, Breakfast Table

2019: Joseph Ryan, Castle

2021: Paul Newland NEAC, The Deanery by the River


The Dry Red Press Award

2015: June Berry NEAC, A Walk Across the Fields

2016: Diana Calvert NEAC, Summer Flowers

2017: Ann Shrager NEAC, Diwali Elephant

2018: Melissa Scott-Miller NEAC RBA RP, Winter Backgardens, Islington

2019: Robert E Wells NEAC RBA, Mother & Child - South Downs

2020: Caroline Frood NEAC, Heleniums

2021: Cherryl Fountain, At Home with Waggis


The Haworth Prize (sponsored by The Haworth Trust)

2015: Janine Baldwin, Cropton Forest I

2016: Rob Pointon, Piccadilly Falls


The Hermione Hammond Drawing Award

2020: Merlin Bateman-Paris, Jen Looking Up

2021: Zuzanna Salamon, I've Been Looking for Someone to Share my Light


Jackson's Art Supplies Prize

2017: Michael Collins, Study for Birling Gap

2018: Sharron Astbury-Petit, Hanabi

2019: Sean Cunningham, 15/3/2018


The Manya Igel Prize

2013: Neale Worley NEAC RP, Fish Market, Muscat, Oman


The Michael Harding Award

2021: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Wide Seascape


The NEAC Critics’ Prize

2013: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP; David Parfitt NEAC

2014: Salliann Putman NEAC, Landscape Layers 5

2015: Tom Hughes, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Contre Jour, January

2016: Patrick Cullen NEAC, The Burning Ghat, Dusk, Varanasi

2017: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Absolutely Chucking It Down George Street, Bath

2018: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Ned Drawing on the Studio Floor

2019: Joseph Ryan, Castle

2021: Richard Pikesley PPNEAC RWS, Eggardon, Cattle and Western Sky


The Peter Ashley Framing Prize

2016: Peter Clossick NEAC, Mirror Mirror

2017: David Cobley NEAC RP, Marvellous Mr Hockney

2018: Simon Quadrat NEAC, Man at Window 

2019: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

2020: Nicholas Baldion, Self Portrait

2021: Tim Benson NEAC PROI RP, Daphne, Haringey Resident


The Prize of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers

2013: Sarah Spencer NEAC, Evening Beach, Whitstable

2014: Jane Corsellis NEAC, Sunrise on The Gironde, France

2015: Michael Whittlesea NEAC, Self 2015


The Winsor & Newton Award

2015: Michael Weller, Late January Pears

2016: Mark Finch, Circean Poisons

2017: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Absolutely Chucking It Down George Street, Bath

2018: Andrew Roberts, Road to Benahavis I

2019: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

2020: Ruth Stage NEAC, Cardoons in a Kentish Garden

2021: Chris Polunin, Space


The Woodhay Picture Gallery Prize

2016: Martin Yeoman NEAC, Richard

2017: Arthur Neal, KT II


The Zsuzsi Roboz Prize

(Awarded by The Alfred Teddy Smith and Zsuzsi Roboz Art Trust)

2014: Paul Newland NEAC, The Edge of Town (Sussex and Somewhere)

2015: Arthur Neal NEAC, Corner of the Studio II

2016: Charlotte Sorapure NEAC, Catching the Light