Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Pastel Society since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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The Alfred Teddy Smith and Zsuzsi Roboz Award

2015: Mike Clapton, Take Care

2016: Peter Matyasi

2017: Steven King, The Co-Pilot

2018: Jane Radstrom, Char

2019: Andrea Santi, Mum


The Annie Longley Award

2013: Paulene Tunnicliffe, Green and Red Flags

2014: Richard Turner, Across the Lagoon

2015: Richard Turner, Seasons Change

2016: Jan Munro, White Stool and Flour Pot

2017: Michelle Lucking, Burst into Flame

2018: Penelope Milner, Marie-Ange

2019: Katrina Wallis-King, Pine at Sundown

2020: Frances Cuthill, Portrait Drawing


The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award

2020: Anna Pinkster, Six Bathers, Dorset IV


The Artist Magazine Award

2013: Norma Stephenson PS

2014: Tony Allain

2015: Jan Munro, Red Chair and Apples

2016: Matthew Draper PS, A View from St Paul's

2017: David Brammeld RBA, Autumn Gold; Lonely Tree (Maer Hills); On the Downs - Winter

2018: Melodie Cool PS, Sam at 19

2019: Richard Rees PS, Canary Wharf at Night

2020: Katrina Wallis-King, Woodland Waters, Worthy Combe

2021: Janine Baldwin PS, 'Furrowed' and 'Frozen Ground'


Artists & Illustrators Award

2014: Sheila Goodman PS, Winter Morning, Ronda

2015: Tony Allain, Campanille, Venice

2016: Henry Jabbour, Ancient Eyes

2017: Tony Allain PS, Cadgwith Cove

2018: Felicity House PS, Espalier Tomatoes at West Dean

2019: June Arnold PS, Street in Ajmer, Rajasthan

2020: Margaret Larlham, Seeds of Change

2021: Halla Shafey PS, A Walk in the Fields


Buzzacott Award

2013: Rebecca Lloyd, Brancaster, Towards Scoly Head

2014: Michael Norman PS, Towards the Lido, Evening

2015: Joanne Last, Almost There

2017: Libby January PS, Music & Silence

2019: Liz Balkwill PS, Blue Pitcher

2020: Lyn Gray, Jane


Caran d'Ache Award

2013: Melodie Cook, Red Monocle

2014: Sarah Bee PS, Warm Rocks and Cool Water at Haytor Quarry, Dartmoor

2015: Michael Norman PS, Dusk at Turf Locks

2016: Roland Corbin, Babak

2017: Jenny Halstead PS, Banana Bunch

2018: David Brammeld PS RBA, Autumn Reflections

2019: Tom Coates RP PPPS Hon RBA PPNEAC RWS, Stables at Keeneland, Kentucky

2020: Tony Allain PS, Otago Sheep Station

2021: Margaret Glass PS, Incoming Tide


Contemporary Arts Trust Award

2013: Lucas Reynes-Matter, Self Portrait

2015: Jenny Smith, Sequoia

2017: Dominic McIvor, Brick Study


Conte a Paris Award

2014: Patricia Cain PS, Three Trees

2015: Caroline Bays PS, Rock Star

2016: Peter Matyasi


Daler-Rowney Award

2013: Astrid Volquardsen, Autumn Surf

2014: Angela A’Court PS, The Green Room

2015: Felicity House PS, Oxfords The Baker

2016: Patricia Cain PS NEAC, Thicket II 


Derwent Award

2013: Libby January PS, Under the Radar

2014: Jeannette Hayes PS, Fields of Pink

2015: Joanne Last, Summer Walk

2016: Michael Norman PS, Autumn Sunset, Exmouth

2017: Felicity House PS, Lemon Tree

2018: Simon Hodges PS, Venice in Summer

2019: Sarah Bee PS, Pair of Limes with Ivy

2020: Matthew Draper PS, Streak, Crepuscular Rays Series No 19

2021: Nicholas St John Rosse RSMA, Contemplation


Frank Herring & Sons Award

2013: John Tookey PS, Wells Harbour

2014: Bess Avery PS, Garden I

2015: Barry Freeman, Dusk – Spa Hill

2016: Jan Munro, White Stool and Flour Pot

2017: Jaana Fowler, Blue Bottle

2018: Henry Jabbour, Head

2019: Sophie Amauger, The Plunge

2020: Lyn Gray, Jane

2021: Rebecca Hardaker, An Analogue State of Joy


Henri Roche Award

2013: Robin Warnes PS, Nocturne

2014: Bess Avery PS, Garden

2015: Matthew Draper PS, Sublime Adventure

2016: Patricia Clements, Still Life with Dragons

2017: Melodie Cook, Samuel Froggatt with Peonies

2018: Martin Goold, Mountain Town

2019: Halla Shafey, Red Sea

2020: Mark Cazalet, Night Watch 3

2021: Maximillion Baccanello, Portrait of Rania


Jackson's Art Supplies Award

2017: Elizabeth Nast, Disused Workshop


PanPastel Award

2013: Maria Mari Murga, Spanish Cloth

2014: Annie Phelps, Not in my Backyard

2015: Liz Balkwill, Sunflowers


The Pastel Society Catalogue Award: First Prize

2013: Halla Shafey, Girl from the South of Egypt

2014: Tony Allain, The Colours of Venice

2015: Jaana Fowler, Late Night Still Life

2016: Susan Brooke, Urban Angel II

2017: Steven King, The Co-Pilot

2018: Jocelyn Rossiter, Best Friends Forever

2019: Oliver Jones, Gold Leaf Mask II

2020: Susie Prangnell, Escapade

2021: Anne Magill, September


The Pastel Society Catalogue Award: Second Prize

2013: Simon Page, Fading of the Light

2014: Carole Moore, Sardines in a Terracotta Bowl

2015: Amanda Palmer, Ascension

2016: Melodie Cook, Tweedy in Centaur Costume

2017: Robert Strange, Squashed Dice

2018: Minty Sainsbury, Bologna Cathedral Facade

2019: Keith Bennett, Street Kids: Manila

2020: Halla Shafey, Girl Bride

2021: Janine Shute, Pink Tape Measure


The Pastel Society Visitors' Choice Award

2020: Luis Morris ROI, Mia 3

2021: Tony Allain PS ARSMA, Bennybeg Farm, Crieff


The Pastel Society Young Artist Award

2013: Lara Scouller, Indian Crested Porcupine (First Prize); Christopher Gray, Self (Second Prize)

2014: Denise Cutts, BMW Combined Engine Cut-away Diptych

2015: Qiaoxi Chen, The Bird

2016: Andrew Leatherbarrow, Iridescent Cyclone

2017: Sofia Welch, Lacrimosa

2018: Rachael Kidd, Snow Sky

2019: Katie Parkin, Shifting Tide

2020: Kitty Glavin, A Table at Seven

2021: Charlotte Bullock, The Beast's Negative Space


Purcell Paper Award

2013: Christopher Gray, Self

2014: Felicity House PS, Ceremonial Entrance Gwalior Fort


Royal Talens Award

2016: Felicity House PS, Making Mango Chutney

2018: Matthew Draper PS, Sublime Adventure

2019: Louise Diggle, Mother and Child, Bundi

2020: Fiona Carvell, Fire of the Deep


Schmincke Award

2013: Dave West, Dusk, Cityscape

2015: Christine Watson, Purple Shutter

2016: Linda Penny, Reflection 8

2017: Tony Allain PS, Cape Cod

2018: Malcolm Taylor PS, Bell Bottom Blues

2019: Henry Jabbour, A Red Head

2020: Daniel Munday, Vacant

2021: Christine Watson, Fez Scaffolding III


Unison Member Award

2018: Sarah Bee PS, Aged Oak at West Dean

2019: Jill Jeffrey PS, Way Back from Strumble

2020: Jill Jeffrey PS

2021: Susan Relph PS, Deirdre


Unison Non-Member Award

2013: Liz Balkwill, Arrangement in Blue & White

2014: Janette Summerfield, This Way

2015: Jan Munro, Red Chair and Apples

2016: Charlie Schaffer, Thomas

2017: Jennifer Thorpe, Luminosity

2018: Karen Stone, Crows with Yellow Square

2019: Katrina Wallis-King, Day's End at Priddy

2020: Alison Berrett, Seascapes of the Soul - Unleashed

2021: Anne Magill, September


Unison Young Artist Award

2016: Janine Baldwin, Midwinter Fire

2017: Rachel Solani, Mvulana (Boy)

2018: Maximillion Baccanello, Ornithomancy

2019: Oliver Jones, Gold Leaf Mask II

2020: Toni Frostick, Wheels of the Roving Cafe

2021: Caitlin Heslop, St Agnes II


West Design - Faber Castell Award

2013: Ken Paine PS, Borton E. Moore

2014: Michele Illing, Big Baby

2015: Melodie Cook, Nancy Trotter Landry and Bobby

2016: Patrick Moffat, The High Window

2017: Kevin Line, Bowed to the Wheel

2018: Ian Rawling, Cheese on Toast

2019: Rosmery Mamani, A Little Humanity

2020: Dominique Houard, Les Metres du Monde

2021: Dave Roberts, Tree at Dusk


The Yoshimoto Prize

2021: Tom Hudson-Davies, Self Isolation