Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Society of British Artists since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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Alfred Daniels Personal Favourites Awards

2013: Michael Collins, Waiting for the Bride; Mike Clay, Ship of Fools; Anna Lever RBA, Stargazers I.

2014: Meg Dutton, Mosques; Roo Sangster-Bullers, The Funeral; Nicola Slattery, A House For Me; David Brammeld, Empty Corner Shop – Harveys; Carole Hubble RBA, The Chinese Bowl; Jill Leman RBA, Favourite Things. 

2015: Martyn Baldwin RBA; Meg Dutton RBA; Arthur Lockwood RBA; Martin Leman RBA; Anna Lever RBA; Barbara Richardson RBA.

2016: Stuart Smith, Marche Aux Poissons; Alan Lambirth RBA, The Yellow Kitchen; Stefan Nenov, Shopping Rush; Renee Spierdijk, Girls and Dolls; Claire Edge, Through the Trees; Susan Bower RBA ROI, Mr Cooper Tibbles.

2017: Jon Pryke RBA, Lights in Mist, Blackheath; Stuart Smith, Don' Rock the Boat; Bridget Moore RBA NEAC, Girl on the Wire; Alex Callaway, The Old Boat; Martyn Baldwin RBA, Bull's Head; Ronald Morgan RBA ROI, The Thames at Putney.


The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award

2018: Robert Truscott, Operation Gericht


Contemporary Arts Trust Award (formerly The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award)

2013: Michael de Bono, Insight

2014: Jenny Smith, Mudchute Farm / The Laundry, Dumfries

2015: Lizet Dingemans, Squid; Daisy Cox, Self-Portrait

2017: Gopal Sharma, Untitled I; Jane McNulty, Self-portrait


The Artist Magazine Award

2013: Rowan Crew RBA, Blooming Green

2014: Carole Griffin, Hanging Mirror

2015: Andrew Marr Hon. RBA

2016: Nicola Slattery RBA

2017: Anthony Yates RBA

2018: Sarah Butterfield, Cakes for Tea


The Davison Award for Oil Painting

2013: John McCombs RBA ROI, A Bleak Midwinter Day, Delph

2014: Robert E. Wells RBA, Sheep on a Hill

2015: Olwyn Bowey Hon. RBA, Fallen Apple Tree

2016: Barbara Richardson RBA, Still Life with Hammershoi

2017: Robert E. Wells RBA, 2 Children, One Deckchair

2018: Stuart Howitt, Pandering to the Camera


The de Laszlo Foundation Award (formerly The de Laszlo Award for Classical Draughtsmanship)

2013: Maria Mari Murga, Men At Your Feet

2015: Tatyana Kulida Shelley, Weightless

2016: Paulina Pluta, Reclining Nude

2017: Anna Rubincam, Blindfold


The de Laszlo Medal

2014: Rowan Crew RBA

2015: Nicholas Verrall RBA ROI


The Dry Red Press Award

2015: Jacqueline Taber Hon. RBA, Christopher’s Tomatoes

2016: Carole Griffin RBA, Narcissism

2017: Nicola Slattery RBA, Songbirds

2018: Barbara Jackson, Make Way


The Edward Wesson Award for Watercolour Painting

2013: Nick Tidnam RBA, Harbour

2014: Annie Williams RBA, Still Life with a Moroccan Rug

2015: Mollie Andrews, Glass Eyes

2016: Florence Houston

2017: Annie Williams RBA, Present from A.J.


Frinton Frames Award

2013: Peter Brown Hon. RBA NEAC PS ROI RP, Midday’s Sun, Belmont, Bath

2014: Jeremy Galton RBA, Eggs

2015: John Martin RBA, Breakfast Table

2016: Robert E. Wells RBA, The Swimming Lesson

2017: Steven Outram RBA, Waiting for You

2018: Benjamin Hope, St Paul's from Cannon Street, Afternoon


The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award

2013: George Devlin RBA ROI, Seine Moorings, Port St Nicholas

2014: Lois Sander, London Archway

2015: Tim Galton, The Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire

2016: Rebecca Nipps, Charlie

2017: Charlie Pike, Self-portrait

2018: Jasmyn Fraser, Golden Age


The Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize

2013: David Brammeld, Abandoned Factory – Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

2014: Tim Goffe, Closing Petrol Station

2015: Robert Floyd, Self Portrait Facing Artist’s Block

2016: Lucy Townsend, Contemplation

2017: Andrew Hitchcock, A Picture of Stillness

2018: Max Mansbridge-West, Self Portrait


Hahnemuhle Fine Art UK Award

2015: Melvyn Petterson RBA NEAC, Clouds and Shadows

2016: Meg Dutton, Secret Garden

2017: Brian George RBA, Consumer Paradise, Eagle Centre, Derby

2018: Jeremy Galton RBA, Michaelmas Daisies II


The LARA Prize for a Young Artist

2018: Jessica Debba  


The John Ingram Memorial Prize for a Young Artist

2013: Connie Latham, Mrs Clarke; Josephine Lohoar Self, Sirens.

2014: Flora Buchanan, Gran

2016: Rose Miller, Blue Bowl

2017: Katie Denham, Self-portrait

2018: Isabella Crouch, The Three Lydias


The Marianne von Werther Memorial Award (Rome Scholarship)

2014: Tom Greenwood

2015: Meg Buick

2016: Paulina Pluta

2017: Natalia Glinoer

2018: Teresa Hunyadi


The Michael Harding Awards

2014: Christopher Hall RBA, The Old Bell, Warminster; Margaret Thomas RBA NEAC, Dying Daisies.

2015: Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC, Reverie; Martin Leman RBA, Dungeness.

2016: Rowan Crew RBA, Morning Light; Sopio Chikhikvadze, Swimmer.

2017: Henry Jabbour, Peeling 2; Malcolm Ashman RBA ROI, Ghost.

2018: Renee Spierdijk, Striped Dress; Lee Madgwick RBA, Merry-Go-Canter


The Michael Harding Awards (starter sets)

2014: Kate Lock, Gran; Charlotte Muir, Molly; Sarah Richardson, Dad’s Jumper; Charlotte Allum, Portrait of a Girl; Kate Hunt, The Artist’s Studio.

2016: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, Darts Club at Harringay Arms; Helen Perkins, Carla Tofano; Nathalie Weatherald, Poppa; Joanna Lillie, Apple Blossom; Scarlett Bunce, Repeating the View; Rosalie Watkins, Motion Study; Aaron Adeshida, Grandmother; Matt Alexander Ray, Nakhl, Oman (Morning); Sofia Welch, Joachim; Alison Quinn-Cottrell, Wind.

2017: Gabriella Cornes; Ruby Shute; Jacqueline Zhang; Emma Beaumont; Charlie Pike; Kate Kirk; Lauren Carter-Bridges; Elizabeth Shields; Kieran Naish; Emily Ponsonby.


Nathan David Award for Sculpture

2018: Teresa Hunyadi, My Pleasure


The Patron's Prize

2018: Cheryl Culver RBA PPPS, Jumble of Rocks


The Stuart Southall Print Prize

2018: Kirsten van Schreven, Airframe IV


The Surgeons' Prize

2018: Ruth Murray, Fish Market, 100 Smirrells Road


The Whistler Medal

2018: Hilary Frew RBA


The Winsor & Newton Painting Award

2014: Holly Brodie, Picking Up The Pieces

2015: William Selby RBA NEAC ROI, Rose & Hipps

2016: Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC, Still Life – White & Grey

2017: Annie Boisseau, Landscape, Morning Light

2018: Timothy Gatenby, Dark Lanes