Each of the Federation's eight exhibiting societies produces a catalogue for their annual exhibition at Mall Galleries in Central London. These showcase selected work from the exhibitions and serve as both a guide during visits to the galleries and as a memento of the exhibition. Both uses guarantee that your message directly reaches a cultural active audience.

Visitor numbers

The Mall Galleries receives approximately 80,000 visitors per year. There are 2,000 active Friends and over 20,000 e-news subscribers.

Catalogue distribution

Total circulation of all catalogues is 14,000, readership 30,000.

Additional distribution

Up to an additional 500 copies are distributed through Mall Galleries bookshop sales and other promotional activities.


Full colour adverts

Quarter page - £200

Half page - £350

Full page - £500

Full page inside front/back cover - £650

A discount of 5% is available for advertising in four catalogues.

A discount of 10% is available for advertising in eight catalogues.

Type Dimensions

Every catalogue is unique and subject to change. Please contact Melissa Helmer on 07862 282 592 or melissahelmer@mallgalleries.com for more information.